Cnc router kit for sale

Cnc router kit for home or small business

This Cnc Router Kit that is available on is a complete set to build a Cnc Router Machine it is design for machining metals such as : steel, aluminium, capers and more. Machine comes with 4 TBI ball screw, Q16 mm  pitch 5 mm  precision C7. Thickness of the aluminium plates that we use to build the machines are 3/4 ” and 1/2” , aluminium extrusion model 6060,
6 x 25 mm  V  linear with 12 linear guide block. These Instructions  will show you step by step how to build a Cnc router machine .  If you have  any question please  call us.

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Cnc router kit machine Frame

(Step 1) Build Cnc Router Frame  made of 6060 aluminium extrusion.
You have 8 pieces of aluminium extrusion
2x  for Y axis  ( the longest )
2x  for X axis ( middle size )
4x  support for the frame  ( the shortest )
Now we need to take 2x  Y axis aluminium extrusion  ( the longest ) and the 4x  support aluminium extrusion. (  the shortest )

cnc kit build frame
( Step 2 ) Now we need 4x big corner brackets and 8x smaller brackets. For each big  bracket you need 8x 1/4 – 20  screws and 8 T- nuts total of 32 screws and  32 T-nuts. Smaller brackets 4x screws 1/4 -20  and 4 T-nuts total of 32  screws 1/4-20 and 32 T-nuts.
Machine Frame
( Step 3 ) The Small corner brace bracket has to be tighten with  4x  1/4 – 20  1/2 L T-Nut.

plotter small corner brace bracket

( Step 4 )
Now is time  to add legs on to the Cnc router frame, Take 4x 80 mm aluminium extrusion and 4x smaller brackets each bracket goes to each leg we need 16x  1/4-20  1/2L  screws and 16x T-Nuts.



( Step 5) You have 6x Guide linears 25 mm  with 12 V block, first  tighten the M6 screws 20 mm long with T-nuts.


after slide it in to the extrusion set up and tighten only one side.

Machine Guide Linear BearingV block


( Step 6 ) Now we have to take the 2 aluminium side plate and setup the Y axis ball screw nut mount, the mount is made from  20 mm  aluminium plate.

cnc router kit side aluminium plate

( Step 7 ) Add the ball screw nut mount to the big aluminium side plate to do that we need a square angle ruler.

Combination Square

Cnc Router

( Step 9 ) It is very important  to setup the ball screw nut mount perpendicular to the side aluminium plate because after we slide the Y axis ball screw in the Y axis nut mount.

machine Yaxis ball screw nut mount

( Step 10 ) The picture below shows how to setup the ball screw nut mount. Place the angle square ruler setup the ball screw nut mount and tighten with 2  M8 screws and 2  M8 washers.

 setup ball screw maunt with Angle Square Ruler

( Step 11 ) It is to very important  to setup the linear bearing block  mount perpendicular to the side aluminium plate, set the angle square ruler to 100 mm, take the 4  M8 screws and 4 washers.

sidem Vbearing mount setup cnc machine

( Step 12 ) After you set the mount tighten the 4   M8 screws

v bearing mount screw

( Step 13 ) Time to add 3 linear bearing  block support mount you will need  19 M6  30 mm L screws and washers , 4  M6 25 mm screws and  4 washers.

First we have to tighten the 4  25 mm M6 screws.

maunt screw machine 25mm

Now we have to add  9  M6 screws  30 mm L  same with the other side.

milling machine screw

3 linear bearing  block support mount

Y axis cnc router machine


( Step 14 )  Place the second aluminium side plate  to  the linear, do not tighten them. now we have to add the X axis Ball screw but before you add it tighten the nut mount with 10 32  7/8 screws.

X axis machine ball screw


X axis ball screw

Our Cnc router is ready for the X axis V linear and bearing.

Take the X axis aluminium extrusion , X axis linear setup and M6 20 mm L and T-NUT.

X axis Guide linear V block

Take 24  M8 screws  with washers and tighten the extrusion to the aluminium side plate.

Complite cnc router machine for sale

x axis nut

Now we can  tighten the Y axis  linear bearing  to the bearing support.

( step 15 )  Now its time to add the Z axis to the machine, first take the ball screw  and tighten the ball screw nut mount  to the ball screw with 6  10-32  7/8 screws.

z axis ball screw

Next add the first 20 mm aluminium plate to the  X axis Linear bearing and tighten it with 12  M6 30 mm , 4  M6  25 mm and 12  M6 washers.

z axis plate

Now we have to tighten the Z axis plate to the X axis ball screw nut bracket with 2  M8  35 mm screws.

Xaxis screw nut

( 16 ) The Z axis big aluminium plate, first we have to add the V linear and tighten it with M6 screw, then we need to set the linear to 12 . 5 mm  from the edge of the big aluminium plate.

linear for machine

now we have  to add the Z axis ball screw ,  first we need to  tighten the ball screw nut mount to the ball screw  with  6x 10-32  7/8 screws then we have to add the ball screw bearing  housing on the top of the ball screw  and on the bottom, Top bearing housing has to be tighten  with 2  10-32  1/14 and bottom bearing housing with 2  10-32 7/8

ball screw housing

Z axis plate

Last part on the Z axis we have  to add is  spindle mount the spindle mount we have to tighten with M8 25 mm screw.

spindle maunt on the z axsis

We have to take the big Z axis plate and tighten it to the a small Z axis aluminium plate  with M6 30 mm screws with washers.


after tighten the ball housing  to the small  Z axis plate with 2 10-32 1 1/4  washers.


Z axis stepper motor mount has to be tighten  with  2  10-32  1 1/4 screws and washers.

z axis stepper motor maunt

Now add the stepper motor to the Z axis Mount with 4  10-32  1/2 screws .

z axis stepper motor

( step 17 ) Y axis ball screw , take 12  10-32 7/8 and tighten the Y axis nut to the nut housing.


The front bearing mount , remember you can only setup one side at a time, you need 8  M8 35 mm screws and washers  for the  front and the  same  for the back  the same screws.

stepper motor added to cnc machine

back of cnc router for cutting aluminium

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  1. Hi i think this is the best cnc router kit that i seen on the internet for the price , $3000 is very cheap. Nice design ,big aluminium plate if i build my machine il use your parts. thanks for that post and instruction. I am very pleasantly surprised that someone finally built a CNC machine for a good price

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